Lytton Restorative Justice, Prevention & Education Program

Providing options, solutions and choices for a better future.     

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Restorative Justice Team


To be filled

Program Manager/
Alternative Measures/
Commissioner of Affidavits

- The Manager's position is on hold until filled. 

Olivia Brown

Executive Assistant/ Legal Aid Representative
-Acting Manager 

Kaylem Raphael

Receptionist/ Admin Support

Lytton Restorative Justice, Prevention & Education Program 

Up Coming Lillooet Court Dates;

October 2019
First Appearance - 8th
Trail Date - 9th 
Trail Date - 10th

November 2019
First Appearance - 12th 
Trail Date - 13th 
Trail Date - 14th  

(Legal Aid will be available by Olivia Brown, on first appearance day at the court house).

Vancouver Community College

Our amazing Manager, Leesa Van Peteghen, has an article written about her on the Vancouver Community College website. 

"When you get on a healthy path, in order to stay healthy, you need to help other people. That's why I do this. I have faith that anyone can turn their life around."

- Leesa Van Peteghen

What you can expect your lawyer to do

What your Lawyer expects you to do

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